My Bio

In my experience, I’ve discovered that yoga keeps you at peace with yourself, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.
My fitness instructor, who believed adding yoga to my workout would be beneficial to me, introduced me to yoga. This was years ago, and I absolutely loved it. In September 2015, I decided to get certified at a teacher’s training school to deepen my knowledge in yoga, and to also share what I experienced with others.
I completed my 200 hours training with a Yoga Alliance Recognized Certificate. Not only did I complete with a teaching certificate, we became like family, a family I learned so much from and shared a lot in common with.
Yoga has inspired me in more ways than I can explain or even express. It has helped me to find my inner self on and off the mat. Yoga has helped me to see the world differently and accept people for who they are without being judgmental. It has taught me to spread love, kindness, calmness, and peace to the world.
Yoga has taught me to be a better instructor by knowing my student and teaching them that with practice everything is possible. Through yoga I have helped my students accept where they are in their lives, and accept their flaws to be better people.
Yoga is life.